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15/11/01 For immediate release

Human Genetics Alert comment on cloning judicial decision

Responding to today's decision by the High Court in favour of the Pro-Life Alliance, Dr David King of Human Genetics Alert (HGA) said:

"We are horrified to find that human cloning would be legal in the UK, and shocked that the government gave the public false reassurances. In fact, Professor Antinori could start his cloning work in Britain today."
"The government should not waste time appealing, but must act immediately to ban reproductive cloning. Until now it has tried to avoid proper parliamentary debate, by relying on loopholes in an out-dated law. It is a pity that we have to rely on a pro-life group's legal challenge on a technicality to force democratic debate on cloning."
"The government should also support the Franco-German initiative for an international ban on cloning. The international community must act fast to prevent cloned babies being born."

For more information, or for comment on the new HFEA guidelines on pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, released today, contact Dr David King: 020 7704 6100.

Notes for editors

1. Human Genetics Alert is an independent watchdog group which campaigns on human genetics issues. It is not a pro-life group, and supports women's rights to choose to terminate pregnancy. Dr David King is a former geneticist.