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For immediate release October 4th 2010

Women's eggs are not for sale!

The No2Eggsploitation campaign (1) today wrote to Lisa Jardine, Chair of the HFEA (2), criticising her plans (3) to allow women to sell their eggs, which will be discussed at the HFEA meeting on Wednesday.

The move would induce poorer women to take the significant health risks involved in egg donation.  In countries where selling eggs is allowed women are often hospitalised as a result of the hormone treatments involved in extracting eggs.  A recent HFEA report showed that the HFEA has no proper system for monitoring these risks (4).

Ms Jardine's proposals would also break the strong ethical consensus in Britain against turning the human body into a commodity, and would legitimate the creation of a market for organs.

The HFEA is claiming that it is merely considering allowing 'compensation' for the 'inconveniences' of egg donation.  However Ms Jardine's interview in The Times made it clear that the aim is to create real financial incentives for women.

Notes for editors

1. The No2Eggsploitation campaign is a network of independent feminists which works closely with HGA. Our letter to Lisa Jardine is attached.
2. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority regulates fertility treatments in Britain.
3. Ms Jardine's plans were revealed in an interview in The Times
The information about deaths is on p17